Laffort OENO Brett 250 g

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OENO Brett Laffort 250g

OENOBrett® is a specific combination of a natural polysaccharide (chitosan) and a pectinase / glucanase
enzymatic preparation that facilitates the lysis and the elimination of Brettanomyces yeast.
- Chitosan disrupts the membrane and the cell space.
- The synergystic effect of enzymes accelerate the settling of lysed cells. The decrease of the Brettanomyces population is significant and thus prevents spoilage.
- The antimicrobial action of OENOBrett® is an essential tool within a SO2 reduction strategy.
- To be used after fermentations (AF and MLF).
- Ease of use formulation.

Dosage: 10 g/hL.
Maximum authorised dosage: 25 g/hL

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