Laffort OENOLEES MP 1kg

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Oenolees MP 1kg Laffort

OENOLEES® and OENOLEES® MP are speciality oenological products derived from natural constituents found in wine, obtained
using innovative and patented production procedures. It is paving the way for a new type of oenology: more natural, more specific
while enhancing and preserving the best of wine.

OENOLEES® MP All types of wine
Yeast cell wall extract (mannoproteins) rich in sapid peptide (Patent n°0452803) and
• Contributes to increasing the sweetness sensation in wines (red and white).
• Allows the winemaker to better counter-balance acidity and bitterness.
• Can be used towards the end of ageing.
Dosage: 10 - 30 g/hL.

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