B2B Cooperation


Our company comprises three tightly-knit departments, each with its own brand:

Serving the professional and home wine industries

Serving craft breweries and home brewers

Dealing with design and manufacture ofmetal elements


Whatever the scale, we provide comprehensive services – from raw materials to equipment– for the dynamically growing winemaking and brewing industries. Thanks to our well-stocked warehouses and high production capacity, we are able to fill orders for even the most demanding customers.

We are open not only to direct sales, but also to collaboration in the sale of the products we offer. We propose two different collaboration models:
•    Franchising – an owner-operated shop offering wine-making and brewing products which our company supports not only with its product range, but also with experience, knowledge, and marketing operations.
•    Commercial partnership – based on preferential financial and technical conditions which allow the customer to enrich their offer with our products.

The Marxam Group is currently seeking commercial partners both in Poland and abroad. We encourage manufacturers, wholesalers, and specialist shops which are interested in coordinating sales of our products in their local markets to contact us.

Our broad product and service offer includes, among others:



•  metal containers

•  plastic containers

•  vats

•  oak barrels

•  pneumatic presses

•  hydropresses

•  crusher-destemmers

•  filters

•  bottles

•  corkers

•  corks

•  hoods

•  yeasts

•  pressurised containers

•  oak barrels

•  malts

•  malt extracts

•  hops

•  yeasts

•  false bottoms

•  brewing kits

•  bottles

•  capping tools

•  caps

•  food-grade hoses

•  organic food

•  barrel bases

•  pressurised

and unpressurised metal containers

•  mixers for wine and beer

•  industrial mixers

•  macerators

•  brewing and wine-making coolers

•  stills

•  soil testers

•  ventilation ducts

•  advertising gadgets

•  production of metal elements

•  laser cutting, CNC bending

and welding services 


If you would like more details about collaboration, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail:



tel. +48 734 421 727


tel. +48 734 421 727

Marcin Bauer

tel. +48 506 693 950