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Making composting in plastic barrels easy

Plastic barrels are a great solution for storing and transporting various types of food. A wide range of applications allows for e.g. composting in plastic barrels, to use them as a water tank, as a storage drum and many others.

Wide range of barrels for cabbage, for water

In our store, there is a wide range of plastic barrels for cabbage, for water. You can find plastic barrels with lids with a capacity between 5 liters and 80 liters. All plastic drum barrels available in our store are made out of a material that allows them to come into contact with food.

Bags for pickling cabbage

Along with barrels for pickling cabbage, we also offer bags for pickling. They allow you to pickle cabbage in a barrel, while protecting it from external factors and increasing its lifespan.

Roman pot for baking bread, meat, vegetables and more

The Roman pot available in our store allows you to prepare dishes in a steam atmosphere. Thanks to this, there is no need to add oil or other fats, which allows you to prepare your favorite dishes in a healthier way. The Roman pot is used to bake bread, meat, vegetables and other dishes.

Thermometer for food - more accurate measurement of cooking temperatures

Thermometer for food allows you to measure the temperature of prepared dishes, thanks to which we have more control over their final properties. There are several types of cooking thermometers, including: meat thermometer, baking thermometer, bbq thermometers, food probe thermometers.

Plastic funnels for pouring beer, wine and other liquids

The plastic funnels allows you to easily pour various types of liquids, such as wine or beer. The bottle funnel available in our offer is made out of plastic, as it is the recommended way of pouring wine and beer. The reason for this is that the metal, can react with the yeast and acids in the must, negatively impacting them. Funnels help to pour liquid without spilling it, making bottling process more efficient.

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Haki do wędzarni tradycyjne- 5 szt.

Catalogue index: ME114166

US$3.00 gross US$2.44 net + 23% VAT / pcs.
Roman pot 4 l

Roman pot 4 l

Catalogue index: ME114023

Roman pot for bread, meat, vegetables and other dishes. The special material allows cooking without the use of oil, which makes the roman pot a healthier alternative to other containers.

US$12.52 gross US$10.18 net + 23% VAT / pcs.