Barrel base for one barrel 190-250L INOX

50-66 gallons

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Ensure the integrity of your stored liquid with a secure and stable barrel base for one barrel with the capacity of 190-250 liters, for optimal aging and flavor development.
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Barrel base for one barrel 190-250L


In the world of breweries and wineries, the importance of a solid foundation cannot be overstated. When it comes to barrel storage, the barrel base plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability, longevity, and quality of the product. It provides a stable platform for the barrel, preventing any movement or tilting that could potentially compromise the integrity of the contents. By securely cradling the barrel, the base ensures that the stored liquid remains undisturbed, allowing it to age and develop its unique flavors naturally.


One wooden barrel on a metal barrel base with a capacity for 190-250L barrel.


Features of the barrel base for one barrel 190-250L:

- Evenly distributes the weight of the barrel

- Versatile material choices

- Capable of withstanding heavy weights


Benefits of the barrel base for one barrel 190-250L:

- Effectively and evenly distributes the weight, ensuring that the barrel remains structurally sound throughout its lifecycle

- A barrel base acts as a barrier between the barrel and the ground, reducing the risk of contamination and preserving the purity of the beverage inside

- Ability to withstand heavy loads allows for stacking of multiple barrel bases on top of each other

- Able to choose between 4 materials: galvanized, Inox, powder-coated steel and aluminum


Barrel base for one barrel 190-250L - application

Barrel base is an indispensable asset for breweries and wineries. It provides stability, weight distribution, mobility, contamination prevention, and temperature regulation for single barrels of 190-250 liters. Investing in a high-quality barrel base ensures the longevity and quality of the stored liquid, allowing breweries and wineries to produce exceptional beverages with confidence.

The barrel bases’ metal bases make it easy to store barrels, regardless of whether they are galvanized, steel, wooden, plastic or made out of different material.


Barrel base for one barrel 190-250L - specification

Barrel capacity

190-250 liters 50-66 gallons

Structure weight

9,9 kg 21,8 lbs

Maximum load

1000,0 kg 2204,6 lbs


38,0 cm 15,0 inches


36,0 cm 14,2 inches


76,0 cm 29,9 inches


The primary function of a barrel base is to evenly distribute the weight of the barrel. A 190-250-liter barrel can weigh over 300 pounds when filled with liquid, and without proper support, it can exert excessive pressure on any surface it rests on. This can lead to deformities in the barrel shape or even cause it to collapse, resulting in a significant loss of product. A barrel base effectively mitigates these risks by evenly distributing the weight, ensuring that the barrel remains structurally sound throughout its lifecycle.

Another advantage of utilizing a barrel base is the prevention of contamination. When barrels are in direct contact with the floor, they are more susceptible to picking up dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles. This can have detrimental effects on the quality and taste of the stored liquid. A barrel base acts as a barrier between the barrel and the ground, reducing the risk of contamination and preserving the purity of the beverage inside.

Furthermore, a barrel base aids in temperature regulation. The space between the barrel and the base allows for proper airflow, preventing heat buildup and promoting consistent temperature distribution. This is crucial for certain types of brewing and winemaking processes that require precise temperature control. By maintaining optimal conditions, a barrel base contributes to the overall quality and maturation of the product.

Specially profiled fastening hooks prevent the barrels from moving, and their symmetrical arrangement enables stacking of barrels in the warehouse.

The barrel base designed for one barrel facilitates the stacking barrels. The number of stacks achievable is primarily contingent upon the durability of the barrels. While it may serve as a base for the bottom of the stack, its primary function is that of an inter-level rack.


Barrel bases - cooperation

a) The given price applies for individual purchases. Wholesale customers (vineyards, breweries and all kinds of warehouses) are invited to submit individual inquiries - for larger purchases we apply attractive price discounts;
b) Construction of barrel bases: in case of individual dimensional or construction requirements, please contact us directly. As a production company, we are able to adapt to every customer’s requirement on how to make barrel bases.



All barrel stands are produced in Poland and that is where they are shipped from. We are comfortable with shipping across the world, however the cost will depend on the country.

It is also important to note that countries outside of the European Union and Schengen Zone are covered in additional custom costs.

To find out the cost of shipping to your country, please contact us at our email address:


Production of metal elements - barrel bases and more

As a production company, Marxam offers many different metal elements made to order. If you have any individual requests regarding metal products, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address:


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Barrel base for one barrel 190-250L - dimensions

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