Light single barrel rack 50L galvanized

13 gallons

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The specially designed single barrel rack, with a capacity of 50 liters, is engineered to maximize warehouse efficiency and streamline the storage of barrels.
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Light single barrel rack 50L


The single barrel rack, capable of accommodating 50 liters, is specifically engineered to optimize warehouse utilization and simplify the handling and storage of barrels. Crafted from premium materials including galvanized structural steel, Inox, powder-coated steel, or aluminum, this rack is constructed to endure substantial weights and ensure long-lasting durability.


A wooden barrel on a rack with a metal base is depicted in the image. The single barrel rack, designed for storing one barrel, showcases a traditional wooden barrel placed securely on a sturdy metal rack.


Features of light single barrel rack 50L:

- The construction of this storage solution is robust and durable

- It offers versatility and convenience, allowing for the efficient organization of items

- Its design is specifically crafted to save space, making it an ideal choice for compact areas

- Effortlessly accommodates the storage of 50L barrels, ensuring easy accessibility and retrieval


Benefits of light single barrel rack 50L:

- The space-efficient design of this product enables the use of the rack as a base for stacking of numerous barrel racks, thereby optimizing floor space within your warehouse

- Crafted from durable steel or aluminum, it ensures longevity for years to come

- Its versatility allows for utilization across various industries and with different types of barrels, including plastic and steel, among others


Light single barrel rack 50L – application

The single barrel rack, capable of accommodating 50L, presents a dependable storage option for enterprises employing barrels. Its robust build, compact design, and effortless mobility and storage features ensure enhanced efficiency and organization within your operations.

It is applicable in various industries, including the wine industry, the oil and gas sector, and any other business that employs barrels.

The metal bases of the barrel racks facilitate the storage of barrels, irrespective of their composition, including galvanized, steel, wooden, plastic, or other materials.


Light single barrel rack 50L - specification

Barrel capacity

50 liters 13,2 gallons

Structure weight

5,1 kg 11,2 lbs

Maximum load

750,0 kg 1653,5 lbs


51,0 cm 20,1 inches


24,0 cm 9,4 inches

Height of base's legs

15,0 cm 5,9 inches


50,0 cm 19,7 inches


One of the primary benefits of the light single barrel rack, which has a 50L capacity, is its space-saving design. Given the constraints of limited warehouse space, it becomes imperative to maximize storage capacity. This rack effectively utilizes vertical space, enabling the storage of a greater number of barrels within a smaller footprint. By capitalizing on the height of your warehouse, you can liberate valuable floor space for alternative uses.

The light single barrel rack is designed to efficiently manage substantial loads. Crafted from galvanized structural steel, Inox, powder-coated steel, or aluminum, this rack exhibits exceptional durability and can endure the weight of numerous barrels. Rest assured that your valuable inventory is securely stored and safeguarded.

Barrel storage racks efficiently optimize warehouse space while facilitating convenient transportation and storage of beer kegs, wine barrels, and other liquor kegs.

Specially profiled fastening hooks prevent the barrels from moving, and their symmetrical arrangement enables the usage of the barrel stand as a base for stacking of barrels in the warehouse.

The "Light" variant of the single barrel rack has been specifically engineered to serve as a foundation for the stacking of multiple barrel racks. Additionally, it occupies a reduced amount of space compared to its standard counterpart.


Barrel racks - cooperation

a) The given price applies for individual purchases. Wholesale customers (vineyards, breweries and all kinds of warehouses) are invited to submit individual inquiries - for larger purchases we apply attractive price discounts;
b) Construction of barrel racks: in case of individual dimensional or construction requirements, please contact us directly. As a production company, we are able to adapt to every customer’s requirement on how to make barrel racks.



All barrel stands are produced in Poland and that is where they are shipped from. We are comfortable with shipping across the world, however the cost will depend on the country.

It is also important to note that countries outside of the European Union and Schengen Zone are covered in additional custom costs.

To find out the cost of shipping to your country, please contact us at our email address:


Production of metal elements - barrel racks and more

As a production company, Marxam offers many different metal elements made to order. If you have any individual requests regarding metal products, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address:


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Light single barrel rack 50L - dimensions

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