Rotating cage barrel holder for one barrel 50L powder-coated

13 gallons

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Discover the indispensable rotating cage barrel holder for one 50L barrel, guaranteeing secure and stable barrel handling, enhancing efficiency, safety, and ease of use.
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Rotating cage barrel holder for one barrel 50L


A rotating cage barrel holder is an essential tool used in various industries for handling and manipulating barrels. It is specifically designed to secure and stabilize barrels during transportation, storage, or any other handling procedure. The rotating cage barrel cradle is a practical solution for businesses dealing with large quantities of barrels, ensuring efficiency, safety, and ease of use. It can be made out of galvanized steel, stainless steel, powder-coated steel or aluminum and is capable of withstanding heavy loads.


A metal stand supports a wooden barrel in the image. The barrel is held in place by a rotating cage barrel holder and looks well-maintained.


Features of rotating cage barrel holder for one barrel 50L:

- Hold barrel with security and stability

- Ability to rotate barrel without the need of dismount it from the cradle

- Durable and long lasting materials

- Built to withstand heavy loads


Benefits of rotating cage barrel holder for one barrel 50L:

- Provides a secure and stable platform, preventing any accidental slips or falls during transportation, which minimizes the risk of injuries to workers and potential damage to the barrel

- Rotating design allows for easy mixing and washing of the barrel while it is still mounted on the cradle

- Made out of high-quality materials so that the barrel cradle will serve its functions for many years to come

- It is built to withstand heavy loads – it is possible to stack rotating cage barrel cradles on top of each other, which saves the warehouse space


Rotating cage barrel holder for one barrel 50L – application

Rotating barrel holder for one barrel with the capacity of 50L allows for storage, washing and mixing the contents of the barrels with ease and convenience. It can be made out of galvanized steel, stainless steel, powder-coated steel or aluminum.

Its construction also allows for stacking barrel cradles on top of each other, which greatly saves on storage space.

Rotating barrel holders’ metal bases make it easy to mix the contents of barrels, regardless of whether they are galvanized, steel, wooden, plastic or made out of different material.


Rotating cage barrel holder for one barrel 50L - specification

Rotating cage barrel holder’s construction is the best of two worlds: the cage design guarantees security in holding and transporting the barrel, while rotating construction allows for easy washing and mixing of the barrel.

Ability to stack barrel holders on top of each other also allows to save valuable warehouse space without compromising on other features of the barrel holder.

With its secure and stable design, it ensures the safety of workers and prevents damage to the barrel. The rotating feature enables precise control during tipping or pouring processes, while the durable construction guarantees longevity. Its ease of use and adaptability make it a valuable asset for various industries.

Incorporating a rotating cage barrel holder into barrel handling procedures can significantly enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity, ultimately benefiting businesses in the long run.

Rotating cage barrel holders are a combination of barrel cages and rotating barrel cradles. They allow to independently stack barrel stands on top of each other without any damage to the barrel, as well as for the washing or mixing of the contents of the barrel.


Rotating cage barrel holder - cooperation

a) The given price applies for individual purchases. Wholesale customers (vineyards, breweries and all kinds of warehouses) are invited to submit individual inquiries - for larger purchases we apply attractive price discounts;
b) Construction of rotating cage barrel holders: in case of individual dimensional or construction requirements, please contact us directly. As a production company, we are able to adapt to every customer’s requirement on how to make rotating barrel holders.



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It is also important to note that countries outside of the European Union and Schengen Zone are covered in additional custom costs.

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