Mobile barrel holder for one barrel 500 l 1600 kg Galvanized

132 gallons

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Mobile barrel holder for one barrel 500 l Galvanized


The mobile barrel holder is a must-have for any warehouse or brewery that needs to transport kegs or barrels. Made of durable galvanized structural steel, it can hold heavy loads without bending or breaking. The holder is designed to securely hold barrels in place during transport, preventing them from rolling or tipping over. With its easy-to-use design, you can quickly and easily move barrels from one location to another without any trouble.


Features of mobile barrel holder:

- Made of galvanized structural steel for durability

- Securely holds barrels in place during transport

- Easy to use and maneuver

- Can hold heavy loads without bending or breaking


Benefits of mobile barrel holder:

- Makes it easy to transport kegs or barrels around the warehouse

- Prevents barrels from rolling or tipping over during transport

- Durable construction ensures long-lasting use

- Saves time and effort when moving heavy loads.


Mobile barrel holder - application

Mobile barrel holder for one barrel with a capacity of 500 l (132 gallons), allows for easy and trouble-free transport of kegs around the warehouse. Made of galvanized structural steel, it allows you to carry heavy loads.


The barrel holders’ metal bases make it easy to transport barrels, regardless of whether they are galvanized, steel, wooden, plastic or made out of different material.


Mobile barrel holder - specification

Structure weight

14,0 kg 30,9 lbs

Maximum structure load according to the table (depending on the set of wheels)

3 000 kg 6 614 lbs


93,0 cm 44,7 inches


48,0 cm 31,1 inches


Mobile barrel holders save warehouse space and allow for easy transportation and storage of beer kegs, wine barrels and other kegs of liquor.

Barrel holder is covered with a protective surface: hot-dip galvanized as standard.

At the customer's request, we offer:
- powder painting (color according to the customer's wishes);
- the entire barrel holder is made of stainless steel from scratch.

A special system of hooks allows for easy operation of the handle for guiding cask stillage. Barrel holder’s handle is a universal design and fits the mountings of all our Mobile Holders.


Mobile barrel holders - cooperation

a) The given price applies for individual purchases. Wholesale customers (vineyards, breweries and all kinds of warehouses) are invited to submit individual inquiries - for larger purchases we apply attractive price discounts;
b) Construction of the barrel holders: in case of individual dimensional or construction requirements, please contact us directly. As a production company, we are able to adapt to every customer’s requirement on how to make barrel holders.


Production of metal elements - mobile barrel holders and more

As a production company, Marxam offers many different metal elements made to order. If you have any individual requests regarding metal products, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address:


Safety Data Sheet:

Mobile barrel holder 500 l for one barrel - dimensions 1/2

Mobile barrel holder 500 l for one barrel - dimensions 2/2

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