Bulldog barrel transfer tube Type 1 DN40

Catalogue index: ME001292

A keg filler that improves the efficiency and quality of both keg filling and emptying barrels of beer, wine or other distillate.
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Bulldog barrel transfer tube Type 1 DN40


Bulldog barrel transfer tube is a versatile tool that allows for filling and emptying various types of barrels. It is made out if durable and long-lasting material ensuring that it will serve its purpose for many years to come. The special cap is designed to minimize the amount of air getting into your beer, wine or any other liquid. Take your liquid making into next level with this high-quality bulldog barrel transfer tube.


Bulldog barrel transfer tube for filling and empyting barrels, barriques


Features of bulldog barrel transfer tube:

- Safe to use without causing degradation to the barrel nor the liquid

- Is suited to be used for various different liquids, including beer and wine

- Special cap minimizing the amount of air getting into the liquid


Benefits of bulldog barrel transfer tube:

- Durable and long-lasting, ensuring many years of service

- Easy-to-use and efficient in filling or emptying the barrels

- Versatile tool for 190 l barrels and 225 l barriques


Bulldog barrel transfer tube - application

Bulldog barrel transfer tube that improves the efficiency and quality of both keg filling and emptying oak kegs.

The diameter of the cap in the keg pourer is adapted to barrel (190 l) and barrique (225 l) type barrels.

A special barrel emptying system (cask pumps) minimizes oxygen access during keg filling and emptying, which increases the quality of the stored distillate.

The bulldog barrel transfer tube can be used as a beer keg filler, as well as a filler for wine or other distillates.

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